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Cyber Security Training and Certification Courses

Cyber security experts are in high demand in every company and industry, regardless of the organization’s size and nature. With organizations fighting a never-ending battle against cyber attackers, the need for defenders is dramatically increasing. Cybercrimes will annually damage $6 trillion of worldwide property by 2021. The demand for cybersecurity professionals will continue to grow for several years to come.


The following profiles are the most looked for in the industry:

1. Ethical hacker

Ethical hackers are certified security professionals who are licensed by the hiring organization to penetrate their security infrastructure and find system vulnerabilities. They are often referred to as white hat hackers. These professionals use the same techniques of a black hat hacker to discover the hidden system weaknesses. Once they expose the vulnerability, other dedicated professional releases a patch to eliminate the flaw. They also conduct a risk assessment for the entire security system, whenever required.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 6,597

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $91k

How to become an ethical hacker?

Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) Master is an ethical hacking-based training and credentialing program that combines the power of theoretical learning and its practical implementation. The program comprehensively deals with five phases of ethical hacking, including different types of cyberattacks and the hacking techniques used in them. The program moves ahead with real-time practical labs that mimic the challenges of the physical world.

2. Information Security Analyst

Professionals who are responsible for monitoring potential security breaches are Information Security Analysts. They formulate security measures that are implemented to protect the security infrastructure of the organization from continuous cyberattacks. They also ensure that all the installed software remains updated. Along with that, Information Security Analysts sometimes work with employees to help them understand new applications and hardware.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 13,852

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $71,398 + $4,024 bonus + $2,588 profit sharing

How to become an information security analyst?

A professional with EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) is trained in designing, implementing, monitoring, and analyzing the security systems of an organization. The ECSA program imparts a detailed knowledge of penetration testing to its attendees. It presents different penetration testing methodologies with the best way to write technical reports. With that, ECSA’s virtual labs help the attending candidates to gain hands-on experience.

3. Penetration Tester/Vulnerability Analyst

Under penetration testing, professionals take a proactive approach to test the IT system of the organization. They infiltrate the existing system to discover system flaws. Penetration testers use numerous methodologies, including network penetration testing, social engineering penetration testing, database penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and many others, to get to the real cause that can be exploited by the malicious actors.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 6,577

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $82k

How to become a penetration tester?

The ECSA program helps its participants to learn different penetration testing methodologies with their practical implementation in the real-world. Along with the above-mentioned methodologies, this program also covers cloud and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) penetration testing methodologies.

4. Digital Forensic Analyst

A trained professional who retrieves digital evidence from various digital assets that are used in conducting a cybercrime. Sometimes, they work with law enforcement agencies to drill out pieces of evidence. These specialized professionals are responsible for recovering deleted files, analyzing data related to the crime, following data trails, and other relevant tasks. Forensic Analysts keep a detailed record of their investigation that can be used to track the perpetrator.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 1,575

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $72,019

How to become a forensic analyst?

Learn how to analyze a cybercrime and extract digital evidence using different forensic techniques. The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI) program offers in-depth knowledge of conducting digital investigations. Its practical virtual labs help in getting along with different types of tools used to carry out a digital investigation. With all this, the attendee will also learn about anti-forensic techniques. The program thoroughly covers Network Forensics, Malware Forensics, Cloud Forensics, Database Forensics, and other security solutions.

5. Security Software Developer

The professionals who are focused on developing secure software by integrating reliable security practices into the design and development phase of software are referred to as a Security Software Developer. The responsibilities of these professionals can be broadened depending on the requirements and size of the organization. They can be assigned to oversee a team of application/software developers, build a software-based security strategy, be a prominent part of the SDLC system, and various others.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 1,575

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $88k

How to become a security software developer?

Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) is a program that can help you gain all about the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) while imparting knowledge on how to implement secure methodologies and practices for healthy software development. It ensures that the trainee gains the skills to code securely. With the availability of a wide range of tools, the participants get all they need to kickstart as a security software developer.

6. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

CISO is a senior-level executive responsible for the data and information security of an organization. The role has been expanded in recent years. Being at a chief-level position, these professionals directly work with the management of the organization, setting customized cybersecurity strategies and solutions for the benefit of the organization.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 3,482

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $171k


How to become a chief information security officer?

The Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) program is the compilation of real-world experiences that helps CISOs succeeding in their respective careers. The highly praised ‘C|CISO Body of Knowledge’ was written by the experienced CISOs for the aspiring ones. The program also introduces ‘The War Games’ – a feature that brings real-world scenarios to get familiar with frequent challenges. The program has dedicated modules on ‘Risk Management.

7. Network Engineer/Security Architect

A passion for computer networking can lead a professional to become a security architect. A network engineer has a list of responsibilities to deal with – designing and building a network, executing network security practices, and ensure that the network security of an organization remains intact. They also design systems that can help counter known-unknown malware and DDoS attacks.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 6,122

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $86k

How to become a network engineer?

The Certified Network Defender is one of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) recognized programs. It helps its attendees to adopt all the industry-demanded network security-related skills. It primarily focuses on practices to protect, detect, and respond to network-based attacks. The program is inclusive of all the network security controls, measures, and solutions (IDS/IPS, Firewall, and many others).

8. Incident Handler

As per various data regulations, such as GDPR, HIPPA, and others, organizations dealing with online businesses are suggested to have an incident handler onboard. These professionals are trained to monitor systems and networks for any security breach actively. They also look for potential vulnerabilities to avoid an intrusion beforehand. They should be the first responders whenever an organization is under a cyberattack.

Jobs available on LinkedIn worldwide: 14,448

Average annual salary in USA as on PayScale: $79,239

How to become an incident handler?

Professionals with the required hands-on experience are an asset to online businesses. The EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) is a lab-intensive program that equally concentrates on theoretical as well as practical learning. The lab sessions imitate the real-world challenges so that the professional can gain the technical skills before even performing the actual job.

The number of cybersecurity jobs available has been exploding over the past few years and will continue to do so with changes in technology. The time has come to choose your career wisely and keep growing in years to come!

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